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Curriculum FAQ

 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q - I have a great idea for a new course! How do I start?

    A - Click the Policies and Procedures link. Your first contact should be with the Department Curriculum Committee or Department Chair/Program Coordinator and your colleagues in the department.
  2. Q - I have heard that proposals take months to process and then are returned. How do I avoid wasted time and frustration?

    A - Many needed revisions to proposals are identified by curriculum committees (though unfortunately at the campus C.C.R.C. or G.F.E.C. level after weeks or months through the process). The proposals are then tabled and returned to sender. Early communication with your School Curriculum Committee (refer to the appropriate committee link) should save both time and patience.
  3. Q - For that matter is there a deadline for proposals? What if I am too late for teaching a new course next year?

    A - Curriculum committees convene on a regular basis throughout the semester. For those meeting dates, refer to the appropriate committee link. Once a new course is approved by the Provost, it appears in the next College Catalog and can be offered the following year (that is, a course approved in the fall can be taught the following fall).
  4. Q - I have not heard about my proposal and believe it is lost somewhere. How do I determine the status of my proposal?

    A - Check the links at the various levels of curriculum review. Curriculum 
    committee actions (recommendation, tabling, non-recommendation) should be posted. For example, if the link for your School Curriculum Committee has indicated recommendation and there is no mention of your proposal at the campus C.C.R.C. or G.F.E.C. level, then your proposal could be in your Dean's Office or on a future C.C.R.C. or G.F.E.C. agenda.
  5. Q - In my department we have decided that our program needs updating in order to reflect our changing discipline. Since revisions to an existing program require SUNY approval and State Education Department (SED) re-registration, how do we proceed?

    A - In consultation with SUNY System, Cortland has developed a template for Revision of Existing Academic Programs. 
    Revision of Existing Programs (Template in Microsoft Word)
  6. Q - While new courses are great, what my department wants is to create several new courses as part of a new program. How do we navigate the campus and the Albany bureaucracies?

    A - Again, click to the link on "Policies and Procedures." Once new courses and a new program are approved on campus, we proceed to SUNY System 
    and from there to the State Education Department. For the necessary SUNY 
    guidelines, refer to the identified link for undergraduate programs and to the
    identified link for graduate programs.