Model Garden - SUNY Cortland

Model Garden

The SUNY Cortland Model Urban Garden was created in 2013 for the purpose of educating the SUNY Cortland community and the larger Cortland community on ecologically sustainable gardening in an urban setting. The Garden is maintained and its programs are coordinated by the SUNY Cortland Garden Advisory Committee. Contact Steve Broyles or Jeremy Zhe-Heimerman with any questions.


All members of the college community are welcome to participate with the Garden. The Garden is also a site for collaboration between the college and the larger Cortland community. The Committee actively seeks out faculty, student organizations, community organizations, and other partners on and off campus who are interested in educational projects in the areas of:

  • Sustainability
  • Plant biology
  • Health, wellness, and nutrition
  • Food ethics and politics
  • Community organizing
  • Recreation
  • Other topics related to urban gardening


The Committee will attempt to fund and hire a paid intern each growing season to help:

  • publicize the Garden
  • hold educational programs
  • coordinate volunteers
  • maintain the Garden


While the focus of the garden is on education, not on yielding significant amounts of food, the Committee shares the harvest with its partners.

  • Start-up costs for the Garden were paid for in part by Seven Valleys Health Coalition. In return, a significant portion of the Garden’s proceeds are donated to local communities in need.
  • ASC assisted with starting the garden and contributes to maintenance. In return, a portion of the Garden’s proceeds are used by ASC Dining and Catering for some meals, especially those with an educational component.
  • All who help with the gardening are welcome to share the harvest.

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