The Bike Shop is currently CLOSED.

Hours: The Community Bike Project is a volunteer organization. It's regular hours are from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. There are times when it needs to be closed because there is no coverage. 

Volunteer your time to help keep the doors open. Thank you.

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The Fleet

Yellow Bike Fleet

The yellow bikes are all painted the same distinctive yellow and are individually named and decorated by volunteer students. A sign listing the guidelines for use is posted on each bike.

Yellow Bike Sign-out

The bikes are available to students based on a simple sign-out procedure. Students come to the Bike Shop, conveniently located near the Lusk Field House and Davis Field. 

Sign-out - A campus ID is required at the time of signing out the bicycle. Yellow bikes can be signed out for seven days.

Select - SUNY Cortland students, staff and faculty can choose a yellow bicycle from the available fleet.

Ride - Prior to riding your yellow bike, we ask that you put on your helmet and ride safely on campus obeying traffic laws. 

Return - Yellow bikes can be returned anytime during the day or night. Secure your bike by locking up the yellow bike in one of CBP's bike racks and drop the key in the secured drop-box that is in the door of the CBP Bike Shop.

Renew - To renew the sign-out of your current bicycle, stop in the bike shop or email

Please read the guidelines posted on the bikes carefully before you use a bike. Please help us take care of the community bikes.

Rental Bike Fleet

The rental bikes are available for students, faculty and staff to rent for $35 per semester.

Bike Rental Sign-out

The rental bikes are signed out using a similar process as the yellow bike sign-out process. To rent a bike, please email to request a bike. More information is provided at the moment of signing out the red bike. 

Included in the bike rental:

  • Geared bike with hand-brake system
  • Free maintenance and repair
  • Helmet
  • Bike lock