Request for online classes

SUNY Cortland’s current plan for fall 2020 calls for in-person instruction to the greatest extent possible.  While we hope to provide students with as many opportunities for in-person educational experiences, we understand that some students may not be able to attend in-person classes due to risk factors that make them more likely to experience complications should they contract COVID-19.

Students with concerns about attending in-person instruction due to a high-risk medical condition identified by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which includes being an older adult, pregnant, and/or residing with or caring for a person with a high-risk condition, can request a temporary accommodation for online/remote courses.

There are two reasons for which a student can request a temporary accommodation for online/remote courses. These are:

  • You have a disability as defined by the ADA, and the nature of the disability requires online/remote instruction.
  • You have, or are caring for someone who has, a high-risk medical condition as defined by the CDC.
    It may be necessary to change or alter your current course schedule to fulfill your request.

To allow for full consideration and review prior to the start of the semester, please submit requests no later than Aug.10, 2020.