Departure Planning

SUNY Cortland, in collaboration with SUNY System Administration and the Cortland County Health Department, has developed a testing and departure plan to allow most of our students to return home safely by Thanksgiving. SUNY Cortland will continue remote learning through the end of the semester and will provide a process for students to leave campus starting Nov. 2 if they choose. The campus is not closing and will continue to provide services to students as originally scheduled. 

Students who choose ‚Äčto leave before Nov. 20-23 should consult this webpage to make sure they adhere to the appropriate testing and residence-hall process. All students wishing to return home who use on-campus facilities in any capacity must:

  • Submit proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of their planned departure
  • Complete an isolation period or 
  • Leave within 48 hours of completing a mandatory quarantine after Nov. 2.

This page will be updated frequently. Check back for important updates.

Sign up for testing

Note: Sign-up forms close at midnight the night before the scheduled date. More testing dates will be added soon.

Submit off-campus results

Students who have tested at an acceptable off-campus provider must submit a PDF of a clearly legible negative test result. After results are reviewed by Student Health Service staff, students will receive an email indicating that they are cleared to request to depart from campus and will be provided a departure time frame.

Upload your results

Student Checklist

Step 1: Test, or submit recent negative test results

Schedule a test

  • Use the testing links above to be scheduled for pool testing or, if necessary, arrange a test with an off-campus provider.
  • Students should choose a testing date based on when they want to move out.
    • To ensure that students can be home by the Thanksgiving holiday, departing on Nov. 25 at the latest, they should plan carefully. If they use campus pool testing, they should be tested no later than Monday, Nov. 9. That gives them enough time to complete a 10-day isolation or 14-day quarantine without having to remain in Cortland over the holiday. The Nov. 9 date accommodates the possibility of slower test processing times
    • Students must leave Cortland within 48 hours of being cleared for departure, and within five days of taking a test.

Submit a recent negative result

  • If you take a test with an off-campus provider, use the “Upload your results” button to submit your negative results. You will be notified that you have been cleared after Student Health Service reviews your results.
  • Students using pool testing will receive an email notification that they have been cleared and can proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Register for a departure date and time

On-campus students 

  • Prepare for move-out by consulting the Residence Life and Housing checkout webpage. In addition to receiving a negative test result, students must log into myRedDragon and schedule a move-out time. Full details are provided on the webpage.

Off-campus students

  • After successfully completing step one, off-campus students will be emailed instructions to complete the “off campus student departure form.”

All students

  • Students who have completed the mandatory isolation period may return home for the semester at any time if they choose.
  • All other students must go home within 48 hours after being cleared by SUNY Cortland. The test itself must have been taken no more than five days before a student’s intended departure date.
    • If students do not leave within 48 hours after being cleared, they will need to retest.
    • If, through no fault of the student or SUNY Cortland, test results are not available within five days of the test date, the student will still need to test again in the interest of public health.

Step 3: Complete the Student Attestation

  • Once you have registered for a departure date and time, you will be emailed a link to complete the Student Attestation form.
  • The form  will ask you to affirm the following:
    • I understand that I may have been exposed to COVID-19 while attending SUNY Cortland;
    • I understand that I may have been exposed to COVID-19 following my recent negative test;
    • I understand that the Cortland County Health Department recommends that even with a recent negative COVID-19 test, I should self-quarantine in my home for 14 days; and
    • I will immediately contact the necessary health provider/officials should I develop any COVID-19 symptoms after I have returned to my permanent address for the duration of the fall semester and winter break.

When you're home

  • All students are required to self-isolate — strictly limiting contact, wearing face coverings and practicing physical distancing — between the time they take their test and the time they leave campus to avoid exposure to COVID-19.
  • Cortland County Health Department recommends that even with a recent negative COVID-19 test result, students should continue to self-quarantine for 14 days after leaving campus.